Awesome Updates in 2.2d

Hi everyone!

It's time to welcome the latest update to VR Farm Game, version 2.2d ๐ŸŽ‰!

If you're wondering what took me so long: here's the scoop! I was up in the mountains for a week with an internet connection that struggled to keep Discord afloat.  However, I added a ton of new features to VR Farm Game in that time and build two versions: 2.1d and 2.2d. What you can now download is the cumulative release of all the new stuff I have added.

Here's the changelog:

  • Picnic Porch
    • Ice cream churn - churn milk from cows into ice cream
    • Popcorn popper - corn in, popcorn out
    • Lemon juicer - grow a lemon tree in the greenhouse (hint: you need to buy the greenhouse AND the lemon tree) then use the reamer on the picnic porch to make some lemonade
  • Improved loading screen - when loading, VR Farm Game now shows a blurred picture of the farm instead of a black expanse
  • Truffles - Go find them!
  • Cat now sits down, meows, and purrs when you get close
  • Water pump - Grab the lever and pump it up and down to push some water out!
  • Added some new props around the farm to increase detail

And some bugfixes:

  • Apparently, there are some locations where you can fall out of the world! Never fear, you can now reset your position in the Settings menu.
  • Crops slowed down to 2 minutes, greenhouse growing times are 3 minutes
  • Crop plots now save even if it is your first game save
  • Reset tutorial button in Settings (costs $1.50 due to free carrots)
  • Crate is now held in the correct direction
  • Pricing rework based on logical game progression and playthrough

I'm glad that I can now publish this update, and I hope that everyone enjoys these changes!

Files 81 MB
Jul 06, 2020
VR-Farm-Game-Quest-2.2d.apk 104 MB
Jul 06, 2020

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