Updates in version 1.8d

Hi there!

I know that I just posted an update yesterday, but wanted to alert you of some new changes that I have made in this next version, 1.8d.

Multiple users left feedback that VR Farm Game has not been performing well on the Oculus Quest. This update revamps some of the performance architecture to increase FPS and reduce lag.

Also, others asked about the fast growing time! That was just so that I could test the game more quickly as I design it. In this update, the game discriminates between a user playing on PC or Quest, and me developing it in the Unity Editor. Let me know what you think!

Also, I have a livestream planned for sometime withing the next day or two (or three), so subscribe to my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV_58sn3cRbJ2X37lZk26ug) to watch the next one!


VR-Farm-Game-Rift-1.8d.zip 76 MB
Jun 27, 2020
VR-Farm-Game-Quest-1.8d.apk 97 MB
Jun 27, 2020

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